Coaching Philosophy

So what’s with the Shaka?
The Shaka is Coach Alex’s mantra and coaching style.
Most people know the Shaka to mean “hang loose” and “all is good”.

Coach Alex wants her athletes to approach running and sports nutrition with this same  “all is good” and “hang loose” mentality. Following a program requires strength and discipline her athletes also need to be flexible and relaxed because running isn’t just about how fast and how far and nutrition isn't about restrictions, it’s also about enjoying the journey.

The Shaka also symbolizes positivity and encouragement which Coach Alex emphasizes with her athletes. Coach Alex believes that while her job is to challenge her athletes and measure their progress, that the true measure of success is that her athletes to feel proud, grateful and accomplished. By celebrating the daily victories throughout a program Coach Alex aims to build the confidence that her athletes need to reach their goals and build a healthy lifestyle.

And finally, the Shaka means togetherness and unity. Building this sense of camaraderie is important for Coach Alex and she does this by listening to her athletes, providing feedback and adjusting the program along the way so that it best fits their needs, goals and lifestyle.

All of this combined makes up the Shaka Runner philosophy and with Coach Alex it won’t be long before you’re finding your happy pace.

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