Shaka Philosophy

So what’s with the Shaka?

The Shaka is Coach Alex’s mantra and it perfectly represents her coaching style.

Most people know the Shaka to mean “hang loose” and “all is good”. Well this doesn't just apply to surfing.

Coach Alex wants her athletes to approach running with an “all is good” mentality and to “hang loose” so that they can push through the tough training and ease through the easy training. Running requires strength and discipline but successful runners also need to be flexible and relaxed because running isn’t just about how fast and how far, it’s also about enjoying the journey and the lifestyle.

The Shaka also symbolizes positivity, gratitude, and encouragement which Coach Alex uses and emphasizes when supporting and guiding her athletes. Coach Alex believes that while her job is to challenge her athletes and measure their progress, that the true measure of each work out is that it should be an opportunity for her runners to feel proud, grateful and accomplished. By celebrating the daily victories throughout training Coach Alex aims to build the confidence that her runners need to chase their big picture goals.

And finally, the Shaka means togetherness and unity. Building this sense of camaraderie is important for Coach Alex because it’s not just about telling her athletes what to do, but also listening to her athletes’ feedback and adjusting the training along the way. And even more so, it’s also about showing her runners how to do it. When you’re out for a run, in all likelihood so is Coach Alex. She’s training right there with you, maybe not literally, but you two are in it together. This gives a realness to her coaching because she’s practicing what she’s teaching and she’s gaining knowledge from her personal experiences.

All of this combined makes up the Shaka Runner philosophy and with Coach Alex it won’t be long before you’re finding your happy pace.

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