Everyone has a happy pace.

What’s a happy pace? It's that pace that makes you feel strong, excited, fast, proud, confident, healthy, fit, competitive, and alive. It's the pace that gets you up before the sun, or keeps you going after sunset. It’s that pace that brings new experiences and new perspectives, that brings new friends and communities together. A happy pace is challenging and rewarding and gives you a greater sense of ability and, well, happiness!

Whether you’re new to running, coming back to running or are looking to improve your running with Coach Alex as your personal running coach and mentor, it won't be long until you find your happy pace.

What Shaka Runner Offers:

– Custom training plans that are tailored to your schedule, your level of fitness and your goals
– A thorough understanding of the work outs within each training plan (not just what to do but why you’re doing it)
– Guidance, feedback and evaluation of your progress throughout the training cycle
– Consistency and accountability
– Encouragement, support, and motivation
– Community, camaraderie, and FUN!

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